Many immig rant communit ies encounter unique prob lems in coping with and fi nding resources for basic needs. As addressed in earlier chapters, exten ded family members, paren ti fi ed chil dren and compadrazco family systems can provide import ant inform a tion and supports for Mexican American famil ies in many areas of need. But in the area of health care, resources may be inac cess ible due to low income, legal status, language or cultural incom pat ib il it ies. With increas ing attacks on public safety nets and with the increased scru tiny of undoc u mented popu la tions there exists an ongoing burden of fi nding even minimal health care options in many of our Mexican American enclaves. As the nation’s economic and polit ical vagar ies continue to dispro por tion ately impact the poor and undoc u mented, it is import ant to assess the avail ab il ity of any altern at ive health care resources for the poorest consumers.