A critical perspective on the Lebanese wars is maintained by interrogating the behavior of civilians, by implicating the civilians and the militia as one entity. And by revealing the inheritance of sectarian conflicts from the past epoch of the militia to the present era of the mafia, where neither state nor non-state armed factions can be trusted. Though armed state groups such as the Lebanese Armed Forces are shown as ineffectual and weak against repeated aggressions, a measure of resilience and healing is achieved by the display of certain repetitive aspects of the invasions of foreign armies that are, by turn, complimented, vilified, and importantly, vulgarized in their representations. They also add to the awareness of progressive civil movement striving towards post-war reconstruction despite obstructions by the state and its sectarian heritage. The systematic methodological process of extracting multimodal narratives in graphic texts used in this current investigation to map expansion of the study of war narratives in Lebanese comics.