French-language comic books in Africa have existed since colonial times. This chapter discusses two volumes (Bitam and Paname) of the French comic book, or bande dessinee, La vie de Pahe, written by Pahe, an alias for the Gabonese comic-book writer Patrick Essono Nkouna. In the two volumes, Pahe writes about family life, schooling, and the challenges of being a writer and illustrator of comic books. Pahe is not afraid to criticize himself, but is also equally critical of the dishonesty, self-delusion, despotism, corruption, and racism in Africa and in France. At the same time he does not flinch from condemning the ineffectual schooling systems in France and Gabon, the racism of the French immigration officials, the corruption of African authorities, the brutal dictatorial regimes in African countries, and the dishonesty of certain immigrant African families in France. Pahe's autobiographical bande dessinee paints a critical and complex picture of postcolonial Africa.