This chapter discusses the three intelligences that have received the most attention in the personnel selection arena. The "Big 3" intelligences consist of general, emotional, and practical intelligence. It also provides an overview of each of these and discusses the main merits of each. Emotional intelligence (EI) has gained both prominence and notoriety because of claims regarding its potential utility in organizational settings. It has received a great deal of attention and has frequently been touted as an emerging construct with great predictive power. Slaski and Cartwright administered a trait-based EI measure to a sample of 224 retail managers and found a significant relationship with supervisor ratings of job performance. Across different jobs, general mental ability (GMA) has been found to be the best predictor of overall performance and task performance. The trait model is broad enough that it could be described as a conglomeration of various constructs and has even been said to measure everything but GMA.