This chapter describes multiple channel exposure therapy (M-CET), a group treatment developed by Sherry Falsetti and Heidi Resnick, and its application to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and comorbid panic attacks. M-CET integrates components of cognitive processing therapy that address changes in cognitive schema following traumatic events. M-CET includes adapted components of D. H. Barlow and M. G. Craske's Mastery of the Anxiety and Panic (MAP) treatment package, a highly effective treatment for panic disorder. Panic attacks may be relatively common among those exposed to traumatic events. The primary presenting problem for all participants of an M-CET group should be PTSD with comorbid panic attacks. Ensuring a focus on PTSD and panic symptoms provides a common ground on which to provide the M-CET treatment and maintains focus on symptoms that are amenable to modification in a short-term group.