Americanizing includes making use of available media to explain and explore the faiths tenets. Indeed, the iPhone, with its personalized programs and noise-walling headphones, is perhaps the most poignant icon of American individualism today. Satoshi Ishii offers what he considers to be one of the first religio-philosophical communication models based specifically on the principles of Buddhism. Lee proposes that the immanent characteristics of cyberspace influence the self-cultivation by the priests in various ways. iPhones are deeply personalized devices: the user determines how and when an app will be used not ones community. The Dharma, says the medium of the iPhone app, is more inclined to be seen as something you squeeze in between other things you should be doing. Dharma centers are relatively sparse in America, and are often limited to larger metropolitan areas; within this already small field of possibilities, finding a specific tradition may be even harder, and finding a specific school within that tradition nearly impossible.