‘Doing’ Children’s Geographies is a book that presents a series of methodological insights on and emerging from the study of children. At one level the book is aimed at those who wish to undertake research with children. In 14 chapters that discuss a wide variety of methods, contexts, ages and abilities, and which draw on case studies from Europe, North America and Africa, the book offers newcomers to the field many useful insights into how research with children and youth might be conducted, whilst also challenging all children’s geographers to critically reflect on and improve current ways of ‘doing’ children’s geographies. At another level, the book addresses the broader audience of human geographers, offering insights on the research process from children’s geographies that provide new perspectives on familiar problems and innovative approaches that have a wider relevance. Through this, the book approaches its third objective which is to encourage children’s geographers to reflect more critically yet confidently on the sub-discipline’s intellectual trajectory and its wider potential contribution. From whichever direction you approach this book, we feel sure you will find its many chapters interesting and insightful.