In a historical perspective it seems rea­ sonable to suggest that the impact of the efforts of Ananias Charles Littleton on ac­ counting thought is particularly note­ worthy because of the time period spanned by his work and because of the influence of his early academic thinking on subsequent

organized accounting thought. His contri­ butions in the area of accounting educa­ tion, theory, and practice were continuous from the time he returned to the Univer­ sity of Illinois in 1915 to begin a teaching career until the mid-1960s, well past his retirement in 1952. An articulate and per­ suasive advocate of original cost-based ac­ counting, his influence on the official pro­ nouncements of the American Accounting Association endured for thirty years, and the thoughts expressed in his early writings even now are reflected in the official publi­ cations of the American Institute of Certi­ fied Public Accountants. Clearly, his views on accounting have influenced two

1 For a factual description of Professor Littleton’s life and his contributions, see V. K. Zimmerman, 1967, pp. 1-20.