This chapter discusses the biography of Richard Victor Mattessich. He was Born, 9 August, 1922, Trieste, Italy; son of Victor and Gerda. Richard Victor Mattessich was Qualified as a Mechanical Engineer after attending Engineering College, Vienna, Austria in 1936-40. He was an Accountant with K Ladurner Import, Vienna in 1942-1944. He was Engineering and construction manager, Wagner and Biro, Vienna. He Awarded an MBA, Vienna School of Economics & Business Administration in 1944. Richard took up a concurrent appointment as Associate Professor in Accounting, University of California, and Berkeley in 1958-67. He Professor and Head of Department, Mount Allison University New Brunswick, Canada in 1953-58. Richard Certified public Accountant with NB Association of Certified Public Accountants in 1957-67. He concurrently appointed Professor and Chairman of the Institute of Industrial Administration and Methodology, Technical University, Vienna in 1967. Richard Received International Literature Award, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1973.