This chapter discusses the biography of R J Chambers. He had born in 16 November, 1917, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. He Attended Newcastle High School. R J Chambers Awarded Bachelor of Economics, University of Sydney in 1938. He Lecturer, School of Management, Sydney Technical College in 1945-52. He was as Appointed Professor of Accounting, University of Sydney in 1960. R J Chambers became President, Australian Association of University Teachers of Accounting in 1960-61. He was Accounting, Evaluation and Economic Behavior, published. He was Visiting Professor, University of California, and Berkeley in 1966. He was Awarded American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Gold Medal and Visiting Professor, University of Washington and became Director, The Nestle Co in 1967. R J Chambers became National President, Australian Society of Accountants in 1977-78. He became Chairman, NSW Government, and Accounting Standards Review Committee in 1978. He was Visiting Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was Retired, University of Sydney in 1982.