This chapter explores biographical chronology of Yuji Ijiri. The biographical chronology starts from 1935 and ends at 1982. He has born on 24 February in Kobe, Japan. He awarded LLB degree, Ritsumeikon University, Japan and MS degree, University of Minnesota. Yuji ljiri was appointed at management consultant in Gulf Oil Corporation and then he finished PhD industrial administration in Carnegie Institute of Technology. Yuji promoted from assistant to associate professor of business administration in Stanford University. He published Management Goals and Accounting for Control and the foundations of accounting measurements; A mathematical, economic and behavioural Inquiry. Yuji awarded American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Gold Medal. He became a National Science Foundation Fellow in Carnegie-Mellon University and later Yuji has a Vice-President of American accounting association. Finally, Yuji ljiri was the President of American accounting association.