This chapter explores how the coupling of large-scale databases and adaptive algorithms are calling forth a new onto-logic of sociality or the social itself. It proposes that this onto-logic, or the datalogical, is especially challenging to the discipline of sociology, which, as the study of social systems of human behavior, has provided a modern frame. The datalogical turn is resonant with the move from representation to non-representation, often thought to herald the end of the modern or the becoming of the postmodern. The move to non-representation unconsciously has driven sociological methodology all along. The chapter also contains three sections. First section traces the entanglement of cybernetics and sociology to show how sociology's unconscious drive has been datalogical. Second section charts the arrival of big data, which we identify as the performative celebration of capital's queer captures and modulations. Finally, in the third section the social logic of the derivative charts the global disintegration of the human form under non-human spatiotemporalities.