The InnoLab meeting is running an “Inquiring into My Practice” (IMP) session that morning. By 6:30 am, Tim Young, the IMP’s lead teacher, and a member of the Department of Mathematics, arrives. Jeff will act as Tim’s “Thinking Partner.” The first component of an IMP is a pre-brief conversation between the lead teacher and the Thinking Partner, in a process of intentional collaborating designed to both make visible and clarify the lead teacher’s thinking around the piece of practice to be the focus of inquiry. Colleagues from diverse disciplines arrive, and soon the classroom is filled. In front of their colleagues, Jeff begins by asking Tim what he wants to explore both in terms of content and pedagogy, how he envisions the sequence of the lesson unfolding, and what he hopes participants take away once the lesson is enacted. The lesson Tim envisions will support colleagues in rounds of noticing, wondering, and predicting as we look at already solved Algebra equations.