Ecofeminism and critical animal studies have much to offer social workers interested in transformative social change inclusive of non-human animals, built and natural environments. Inequality on the basis of species and gender—particularly as they intersect with neoliberal rhetoric—are major points of our discussion. The chapter is organised into five overlapping sections: ecofeminism; critical animal studies; ecological/green social work; critical (animal) social work in the context of neoliberalism; and transformative education and the joy of animal connections. We draw ideas most from Val Plumwood and Vandana Shiva (representing ecofeminism), Carol J. Adams (vegan ecofeminism), Steve Best (critical animal studies), Fred Besthorn (ecological social work) and Lena Dominelli (green social work). Our primary focus is on how the central ideas from ecofeminism and critical animal studies can inform non-anthropocentric social work, that is, social work that does not assume human superiority or governance over other animals, nature and the environment.