This chapter utilizes a new typology of parking policy approaches. It illustrates the typology as it applies to common approaches in the western world. The chapter examines how Asian cities compare by looking at their policies towards: off-street on-site parking, on-street parking, and public parking. On-street parking management is more effective generally in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, the Makati central business districts in Manila, and Seoul. Taipei has a similar policy. Strong on-street parking management can potentially embolden shifts away from site-focused approaches and away from approaches that promote plentiful parking. Site-focused approaches and an attitude promoting supply tend to arise out of a lack of faith in on-street parking management. Strongly effective on-street parking management is not yet in place across most areas of Ahmedabad, Bangkok, Beijing, Dhaka, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila. The chapter concludes with taking stock of the findings.