In this chapter the authors trace the development of the non-profit sector in India. They then consider non-profit communications in India, focusing on media developments and grassroots communications. The authors highlight the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India. The all-important Companies Act 2013 made CSR obligatory for companies over a certain size. This was a milestone for philanthropy in India and its importance and impact on communications are considered. Non-profit organizations (NPOs') effectiveness is enhanced through communication. Public relations (PR) are so important in the Indian context, because there are complex labyrinths of stakeholders that NPOs need to engage with to succeed. Non-profit PR has been affected by the rapid development of the media and communication industry of India. Nevertheless, while communication is a core function of NPOs, it often takes a back seat amongst small-scale organizations that usually have a modest-sized team handling the entire operations. Non-profit PR and communications is still dawning in India.