In this chapter, the authors share their experience of the branding process, drawing on marketing tools and tactics which public relations (PR) professionals can use. They explore the interactions between non-profit PR, brand management, and marketing. Then they suggest a non-profit branding model that can be a resource for a variety of non-profits. The authors identify some of the challenges facing non-profit PR, and consider what non-profits might learn from PR and advertising agencies. Many non-profits are rightly proud of their brand and brand heritage. The non-profit sector has brands that have been around for well over a hundred years, and the value of their brand equity is high. Branding stems from marketing. The use of market research, targeting, and positioning is a process known as branding. As marketing and PR converge, each field learns from the other on how to best carry out branding process. Branding is a fundamental part of the PR and marketing process, especially for non-profits.