This chapter addresses the aesthetic state of post-photographic frenzy achieved through the intelligent sensuality of art through a body of work that the author has executed in 2013–2014 called the Odyssey Palimpsest. It is concerned with the ethical and liberating use of anti-representationalism within the broader image environment, so the author would like to explain a bit of how Odyssey Palimpsest functions while simultaneously promoting the aesthetics of obscurity. Odyssey Palimpsest places Odysseus’s somewhat odd odyssey in relationship to an artistic post-photographic frenzy that philosophically is concerned with the recent speculative realism turn in continental philosophy and aesthetics. The Odyssey Palimpsest post-photographic frenzy is based in an image nihilism that can transform a metamorphosis subject to the flickering formative forces of emergence. The post-photographic noise art aesthetic of Odyssey Palimpsest is that of dissonant immersion into a maelstrom of glossolalia unintelligibility, chaos, and exaltation.