Mind is the temporality of imaging, perceiving the present in terms of a past that surrounds and dilates the image with a range of potentiality. Viewing the world as an image requires reading what is perceived as if it were there for others, while viewing images as if they were of a world opens the image out to time and the real. A related sense of ‘world’ is one that is tied far more explicitly to a very profound sense of ‘humanity’ or ‘the human’. In addition to the metaphysicians who have kicked themselves loose from the world, are the animals, savages, mystics, and immature souls who simply accept what is, not grasping the sense or conditions of the given. Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari locate the power of art and images to open out to the cosmos in a history of modernity, where modernism releases matters from the meanings and purposes of the organism and its world.