This chapter presents research which explores if high school students, who have felt same-sex attraction and those who have not, differ in their experiences of violence in schools and in perceived support from their teachers. It also encourages new perspectives on how schools can transform into safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students to support their positive school experiences. Research about same-sex sexual attraction, perceived teacher support, and experiences of relational and physical violence was conducted using a questionnaire. The sample comprised 1819 high school students from western Croatia. The results showed that students, and especially boys, who felt same-sex attraction very often, experienced both physical and relational violence more than students who never, rarely, or often experienced same-sex attraction. In addition, both boys and girls who experienced same-sex attractions very often reported to have received less teachers’ support than other students. These findings point out that same-sex-attracted students, who need teachers’ support due to violence experienced in schools, are the ones who receive it less. Implementation of comprehensive school bullying prevention policies addressing LGBT issues are recommended in order to ensure that schools in Croatia and throughout Europe provide a safe and supportive environment for all their students.