In this chapter, Dr. Jenny Jacobs and Dr. Anna M. Ortiz introduce the goals of this volume, which are to provide information and guidance to students, professionals, faculty, and scholars about the knowledge needed to work in urban-serving institutions, as well as to contribute to a better understanding of student affairs work in urban-serving institutions. The authors also make the argument that urban-serving institutions need to be studied as unique from their suburban or rural peers by outlining the conceptual framework that serves as the foundation for this text. The notion of culturally relevant/responsive student services is introduced not only as the conceptual framework but also as a practical framework for student affairs units operating at urban-serving institutions. This chapter also includes a detailed description of the 3-year research project that has culminated with this volume, including the data collection and analysis methods. Finally, this chapter introduces each subsequent chapter and the student affairs leaders and scholars who served as chapter authors.