Transformational entrepreneurship involves business ventures that have a profound change in how they influence and affect society. There has been more attention placed on transformational entrepreneurship due to interest in social causes, philanthropy, environmental responsibility, global equality and disadvantaged communities. Transformational entrepreneurs have a positive attitude towards uncertainty as they look to possibilities about the future. There are also more lifestyle entrepreneurs that are seeking to balance work/life issues by engaging in potentially transformational projects. Future transformational entrepreneurship research needs to provide for better methodological rigour and contextual positioning. Transformational entrepreneurship is a scholarly community that needs to align with other sub-disciplines in the entrepreneurship literature. More attention is required on different forms of entrepreneurship to extend our understanding about the way transformation occurs. In addition, international aid agencies and non-government entities need to develop appropriate strategies to facilitate transformational entrepreneurship. Transformational entrepreneurship is more than a buzz word but a significant sub-topic within the general entrepreneurship and sociology literature.