“Development” is an unreachable ghost dominated by a “developmentalist reason” used as a legitimizing tool for capitalism (which drives the world toward a crisis of civilization). After understanding such a limitation of one of the predilect sons of modernity, this chapter tries to feed hope highlighting some elements of post-development: a term that groups several alternatives to “development” focused on the construction of a post-capitalist pluriverse. Among those elements emerges post-oikonomics, a transitory social thinking that criticizes “economic sciences” and contributes to post-development proposing a reorganization of economic processes (e.g., the combination of degrowth in the Global North and post-extractivism in the Global South). Also, the chapter presents some “building blocks” for the construction of that post-capitalist pluriverse (mentioning experiences coming from Buen Vivir, Agaciro, Agdals, Hurai, Ibadism, Shohoj, (eco)Swaraj and Ubuntu), demonstrating there are worlds that resist the domination of capital; worlds that may carry the seeds of a new civilization.