This chapter analyses the attitudes of the Czech far-right to environmental issues by analysing the journals, bulletins and websites of the leading far-right groups and political parties. This includes parliamentary parties, such as the 1990s Republican Party (SPR-RSČ), the Freedom and Democracy Party (SPD) as well as the neo-Nazi Workers’ Party (DSSS), which holds several seats in the local municipalities of North Bohemian towns, and the movement of the Autonomous Nationalists (AN), which was instrumental in introducing the ideas of the European New-Right to the Czech scene. It is argued that despite various forms of experimentation with eco-activism as a form of communication and sometimes surprisingly good insight into the local environmental problems, the Czech far-right has never adopted any form of established environmental policy. Its use of environmental language in response to social phenomena seems to be much less frequent in comparison to the West and its nativist way of thinking prevents it to formulate proper responses to the global environmental challenges.