The environment is a relatively new site of political and discursive contestation in Poland. Very few electorally significant political parties in Poland have approached environmental issues directly and postulated any form of consistent green politics. Instead, both discourse and social action on the environment are largely the preserve of non-political bodies, including far-right groups. That there is little coherent elite-level discourse on, for example, climate change means that the environmental issues can be exploited by far-right actors to promote their ideologies, especially given the rise of Catholic nationalist sentiment in Poland in recent years. In this chapter we argue that there has been a diffusion of far-right discursive frames and strategies into mainstream Polish political discourse and that mainstream right-wing actors have accommodated, adopted, and adapted far-right language. To do this, we have collected data from a number of different sources, including Facebook posts, hyperlinked websites, manifestos, and magazines and have analysed them using a number of tools from critical discourse studies.