The current far right are often characterised as being anti-environmental. In many ways, this is entirely correct. Many under the broad umbrella of the Right question and often reject the science and even the very idea of climate change and its catastrophic environmental impact. Yet for the far right, the environment is a canvas onto which a great deal is wrought, well beyond just the physical elements of a natural landscape. This chapter seeks to disassemble the notion that Britain’s far right are anti-environmental. In fact, the far right are instead operating outside of the mainstream understanding of the environment. It will examine this world primarily as it is depicted by two key far right voices in Britain, the United Kingdom Independence Party and the British National Party. A clear link between the environmental stance of today’s far right and the far-right environmentalists of the Interwar period will round out the chapter, making clear an ideological lineage, akin to the völkisch groups of Germany, that is important to understand.