This chapter explores the way the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) discourse at the UN has evolved under the influence of religious actors. Statements by pro-life religious NGOs (RNGO) contain very few overtly religious arguments. Pro-life RNGOs also respond to calls by the discourse community to collect quantitative data that will help improve SRHR measures–as demonstrated by events organized by bodies such as Centre for Family and Human Rights. Progressive RNGOs will advance religious arguments in the context of official UN statements. Most of the RNGOs that have been mentioned as being involved in the SRHR discourse are US-based and Christian. Progressive RNGOs and their habit of remaining silent on contentious issues such as abortion have been overlooked in accounts of SRHR. The chapter concludes with an explanatory account of RNGO positions and a summary and appraisal of the role of RNGOs, and of religious actors in general, in the discourse on SRHR.