With the present contribution, I wish to address the topic of arts-enhanced creative learning in schools (K16). By means of nine artist-school partnerships, the Danish region of Funen brought artistic partnerships under closer observation. Made necessary because of a recent school reform in Denmark, collaborations between artists, cultural institutions, and schools offered new opportunities for engaging and creative learning. The research project Culture Laboratory documented qualitatively nine artist-school partnerships in 2016–2017, showing a large number of learning outcomes. The qualitative narratives voiced the different perspectives of the partnerships’ main partakers: students, teachers, artists, and cultural institutions. This chapter will briefly introduce the general context and purpose of the overall research project and will focus specifically on the topic of creativity. I will here discuss the findings, which touch upon the complex theme of creativity as a learning outcome of the artistic activities. Creative learning was reported as a clear outcome by all participants with, however, interesting differences in approaches and understanding. This chapter will tell the story of these creative learning processes and outcomes.