This chapter sheds light on how the Arrivals process has become a creative and transformational tool for Indigenous and diaspora artists to decolonize our arts practices, providing unique opportunities for collaboration across difference. Michel-Rolph Trouillot's seminal work Silencing the Past: Power and Production of History provides strategies for countering inequalities of power in the knowledge of the past. Like a porthole to the past, the Arrivals Personal Legacy process navigates these silences by helping artists discover. The process itself has protocols in place to minimize the potential damage, and one of these protocols has to do with the deliberate and active practice of acceptance. In a practical sense, this might mean reconfiguring the journey of the workshop by deeply listening to what is needed next. By the final stage of the process when most of the filters and resistances have been stripped away, the body’s wisdom takes over, and participants arrive physically and mentally into at a moment of truth.