Gross denials of the Holocaust are increasing; a dramatic reflection of these was the notorious suit brought by David Irving against Deborah Lipstadt over her major work in London. This chapter presents the classification which addresses a broader coalition of deniers, which includes not only perpetrators and bigots, but many other people who are drawn to denials because they serve their self-interests in one or more ways. Denials of bona fide genocides naturally attract fascists, such as neo-Nazis, virulent antisemites, "skinheads" and bigots of all kinds who hate other peoples and ethnicities, who utilize denials of genocide to celebrate violence and death to human life. Denials of genocidal events by perpetrator governments and/or perpetrators. The continuing denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government is probably the outstanding and most persistent case of denial by non-perpetrators. Incredible energies have been expended by academicians on battles over competing definitions of genocide.