Physical production is typically limited to acquiring the sound and picture plus references for visual effects. Traditionally, post-production includes creation of the dailies, editorial, visual effects, non-production sound, color correction, and finishing of the content. The careful management and curation of content is critical for all post-production processes, so that it can be edited, graded, scored, mixed, and prepared for the various distribution channels, which concludes with addressing localization issues such as dubbing and subtitling as well as handling regional edits based on localized concerns and formatting for platforms and devices. Large and complex productions are usually arranged so that each department is organized under a supervisor and a producer. Every department should know the exact requirements for each process and how they will receive and pass on material. The dailies process can be carried out at a dailies facility or near-set by either the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) or the crew from a dailies facility.