The three key elements that comprise media systems infrastructure are storage, compute, and networking. Each will be extended with analysis on the basis for the prediction. Over the period 1956–2014 the average Cumulative Annual Growth Rate for Hard Disk Drive areal bit density was 41% and nearly identical to the Moore’s Law rate for semiconductor devices over the same period. Accuracy and usefulness are improving daily. A key gauge of “Routing Performance” is data-throughput and the ability to do deep packet inspection decision making. The “Scale” gauge in the figure is applied when individual routers/switches are clustered into a network. A few media vendors are building cloud-based workflow products and offer them as solutions-for-hire in some fashion. Basically, central-casting was shelved in the late 1990s, yet a few brave souls practically figured it out. Rights management is always an issue; however, given that the programs were original local productions, rights issues were a no-brainer.