In April of 2009, General Motors issued a defect recall for 1.4 million vehicles produced between 1997 and 2003 that came with their 3.8 liter V6 engine. This chapter defines metis and aligns the concept with two major aspects of posthuman theory: externalized cognition and hybrid agential blending. It focuses on two main concerns: the identification of distributed cognition as a foil to humanist conceptions of cognition and the recognition that these intense distributions result in a hybrid human subjectivity. The chapter furthers the connection between metis and technical communication, and considers how metis is emergent within complex material contexts, allows for distributed cognition, and results in hybrid subjectivities. It deals with which the ancient Greeks would have been familiar is that of navigating—driving a car, controlling a chariot, or steering a ship across the sea. The chapter suggests the opening metis aligns with Byron Hawk's conception of a post-techne classroom, though in a less-than-straightforward way.