This chapter focuses on the construction of the African diaspora as a multidimensional space of memory made of many places, and the connections between them, and observes the role played by music in this construction. The analysis examines the relationship between reggae music and Rastafari, but is restricted to what is expressed within reggae music itself. Reggae music emerged in the late 1960s in Jamaica, and quickly spread beyond the island, following the movements of Jamaican migrants who settled abroad. Defining the notion of diaspora within reggae music is complex and a multifaceted task; there are many issues involved which can be grouped under two main headings: lyrical content, and music diffusion and performance. The chapter focuses on relationship to Africa as it appears within reggae lyrics, and discusses the theoretical models of diaspora. It presents specific example that shows the modulation of the music and its articulation with space: sound systems, a tradition that is essential to reggae music.