Since 2008 several literary, theatrical and art events have been organized in collaboration with Albanian artists. This chapter analyzes discourses produced in Serbian media on the occasion of these events. It is examined to what extent (if any) did the given discourses reproduce the logic and instruments of discourses identified in the previous research on the symbolic struggles in Serbia, and how a specific topic – art – influenced the form and the content of the messages. My study found four types of discourses: first, mainly characterized by its reliance on the matrices of intellectual-political positioning established in the prior symbolic struggles; second, based on the argument that art can, and should, be socially engaged; third, the one that raises art above the daily politics and defends the principle of the autonomy and creative freedoms; and fourth, the discourse in which art has been given the role of the mediator for discovering the “real life” and the problems people are facing in everyday life. The analysis of these discourses includes not only the assessment of their influence on the change of the society’s relation towards cultural, but also other kinds of cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia