This chapter examines the narratives of intellectuals in the Serbian press regarding Kosovo – a geographic area with symbolic meaning and of special importance. The text seeks to recognize and place in motion a set of discursive strategies in which intellectuals argue “the figure of the enemy, the figure of the Other”. An analysis is tied to three key events of the post-Yugoslav or post-Milošević period which have marked the process of self-determination of Kosovo, namely, the “Kosovo Pogrom” of 2004, the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo in 2008 and the 2013 Brussels agreement. This chapter seeks to present the dilemmas, or lack thereof, held by intellectuals who were “fatefully” interested or provoked into publicly offering their opinion on “the Kosovo question”. Thus, this chapter inquires: is the first duty of intellectuals public loyalty to their own nation, to the struggle for its “rights” by intellectual means; or conversely, is their duty precisely to protest against a national or some other) euphoria and to call for universal values?