Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF) has implemented Secure the Future (STF) in a way that diverges from traditional models of corporate philanthropic programmes. This chapter utilizes D. Matten and A. Crane's definition of extended corporate citizenship to analyse STF and offers lessons learned about the challenges and opportunities of corporate philanthropy in mitigating human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome in Africa. Corporate citizenship has taken on greater prominence with the growth of public–private partnerships and the expectation by civil society and governments that corporations share in the responsibilities that merge with their increased governance role. The chapter considers BMSF approach in five domains: its grant-making procedure; human resource decisions; monitoring and evaluation activities; capacity-building initiatives; and approach towards ensuring sustainability. The global business response to the Aids pandemic has been slow and speculative, both in terms of grant-making and in instituting workplace policies. The community outreach and education component supports community-based programmes that provide education and outreach to women and children.