Imagine billions of workers who work without a break, in silence and without pay. This is the reality for bees. For a long time no one saw any value in the work they do. It has taken a tragedy for us to understand their economic value. In the US a large part of the natural wild bee population has died off; the same thing has happened in Europe.1 Pollinating insects are vital for the ecosystem to function, for the global economy, for modern consumer culture and for human survival. Without bees and other pollinators, more than 50% of the food we consume would disappear or sharply rise in price.2 Primary vegetables, fruit and berries are pollinated by bees. Meat and dairy products are dependent on pollinators, since large proportions of livestock fodder such as clover or alfalfa require pollination. Cotton is also pollinated by insects, as well as rubber trees. So without bees humans would have to live without jeans, T-shirts or sneakers, as well as refreshing fruits or a cup of coffee in the morning.