This chapter describes the national approaches to sustainable enterprise in Botswana. It includes key information about the priority issues, trends, and government policies as well as best-practice case studies of sustainable enterprise in Botswana. Despite Botswana being regarded as one of Africa's genuine economic and human development success stories, a number of economic, social and environmental challenges remain. Very limited research has been undertaken on the states and trends of sustainable enterprise in Botswana. These trends, however, are likely to be influenced by the wider economy. The focus of the Government of Botswana is the promotion of economic growth in a traditional sense. Two areas where the Government has had a significant impact on sustainable enterprise are in the management of natural resources and the promotion of eco-tourism. In regards to eco-tourism, the Government has lent strong support to the Botswana Ecotourism Certification System, a voluntary tourism industry-wide programme run by Botswana Tourism.