Malaysia has been recognized as an early pioneer in environmental policy; however, several areas remain in need of improvement. Malaysia is a developing country heading towards industrialization. Its economic development has benefited many Malaysians. Malaysia's economic growth is relatively competitive compared to other Asian countries. The Malaysian government is committed to moving forward towards a sustainable economy. Wild Asia is a pioneer of sustainable tourism in the region that began as a website known as Wildborneo.netWildborneo.net in 1998 to share information on forests and communities. It is registered as a social enterprise that promotes sustainable tourism with the goal of combining business growth, good relationships with local communities and sustainability. Bijibiji Initiative is a social enterprise founded by four young Malaysians who manufacture products such as door gifts for company events and festival booths from discarded material. The initiative started in January 2013 by using social media to obtain unwanted materials, such as old wood and advertising banners.