Papua New Guinea (PNG) consists of a group of around 600 islands, including eastern New Guinea, lying to the north of Australia. Australia remains PNG's primary import/export partner. PNG is also rich in natural resources, and increasingly focused on economic diversification and sustainable industry. Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry is a subsidiary of the PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd and the first timber company in PNG, producing timber and processed wood products such as decking for the local market. Sustainable management is central to New Britain Palm Oil Ltd's (NBPOL) business strategy. A key focus has been the management of a segregated supply chain, and all NBPOL plantations and associated smallholders have been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). NBPOL worked with the local communities to provide credit, training, support and supervision in agricultural management practices; undertook extensive replanting; and created employment opportunities for young people.