In the 1960s, following Singapore's independence, the economy was constrained by a number of limiting factors: few natural resources, little local capital, small size of educated population and labour unrest. Tripartism was established as a consultative decision-making framework in which government, labour and business could collectively mobilize human, financial and natural resources equitably and efficiently to promote sustainable enterprises and address the challenges of industrialization. Over the last 50 years, the Singaporean government has succeeded in putting in place a comprehensive set of regulations that have established high standards of responsible and sustainable business practices. Sound business practices that promote sustainable development have won Origin support from the more discerning customers, at home and in the region. The company's sustainability reports produced annually since 2005–2006 provide good insight into its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment and practices. The FairPrice Online CSR Report, launched in 2011, is an ongoing sustainability report that details the company's CSR initiatives and practices.