Thailand is a constitutional democracy with a parliamentary system where the leader of the largest party normally becomes the Prime Minister. Like other developing nations, Thailand faces environmental challenges on three fronts: water, land and air. Championed by the king, Thailand has adopted a philosophy of a "sufficiency economy" as a middle path for developing a balanced and sustainable way of life for the country. Grassroots Innovation Network (GIN) develops pro-poor sustainable agriculture methods and technologies that allow farmers to increase their yield and live in a healthy environment. The NawaChiOne Knowledge Center for Sufficiency Economy (NCO-KCSE) is a research and grass-roots capacity-building entity, founded in 2011, that promotes sustainable and climate friendly projects. The Doi Chaang Coffee company is lauded globally and has been the recipient of numerous awards including being one of the "Top 10 Small & Medium Enterprises" showcased at the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.