Vietnam is located in South-East Asia and borders China, Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam is widely considered to be an economic development success story. According to the 2014 United Nations' Human Development Index, Vietnam ranked 121st out of 187 countries, with a score of 0.638. This places Vietnam in the "medium" human development category. In 2004, the Government of Vietnam issued a Strategic Orientation for Sustainable Development policy and established a National Sustainable Development Council. Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts is a non-profit organization that provides income generation and marketing services to Vietnamese artists. All profits go towards improving the living and working conditions of the poorest women in Vietnam, who often live on the street with their children. The aim of Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts is to protect these women. Medical Technology Transfer and Services (MTTS) an American-Vietnamese joint venture located in Hanoi, in recognition of the growing demand for affordable medical equipment. MTTS provide custom-designed, low-cost equipment to hospitals in Vietnam.