India, the world's second most populous country and second fastest growing major economy, has witnessed unprecedented development since economic liberalization in 1990s. Hindustan Unilever is India's largest FMCG company, touching the lives of two out of three Indians. Project Shakti is a rural distribution and micro-enterprise initiative by the company that promotes livelihoods in small villages and improves access to quality products in rural India. Sustaintech India is a social enterprise, which starting its operations in Tamil Nadu in 2011; it distributes a line of environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient commercial cooking stoves, targeting street food vendors and commercial kitchens. SELCO Solar, a social enterprise established in 1995, provides sustainable energy solutions and services to under-served households and businesses. SELCO aims to empower its customers by providing a complete package of product, service and consumer financing through Grameen banks, cooperative societies, commercial banks and microfinance institutions.