Indonesia is an archipelagic nation of 17,508 islands covering 1.9 million km. Situated on the Pacific Ocean's "ring of fire", Indonesia is prone to natural hazards such as tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Indonesia faces various social challenges, including conflict and unrest related to land tenure, and issues relating to crime, violence, bullying, health and well being, consumptive lifestyles and low work ethic. Indonesia also faces anthropogenic risks, such as forest burning, deforestation, pollution and business human rights malpractices. Indonesia was one of the first countries to make Corporate Social Responsibility mandatory. This applies mainly to companies with significant impacts on natural resources, and foreign investors. Antam was established in 1968 through a merger of several mining companies. Antam's integrated agricultural programme, called "Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture", maximizes the use of waste as raw materials. The company is piloting an integrated farming system on sandy land, in cooperation with local business groups and cooperatives.