Richard M. Weaver himself in the autobiographical "Up from Liberalism" pointed the way for the work at hand. The Agrarians are only names to most of the spokesmen for the company Weaver joined soon after World War II. Industrialism and applied science were the immediate villains in the Agrarian analysis of Southern difficulties after the crash of 1929. There were also important factors influencing the direction taken by Weaver's career after original immersion in things Southern. They are: the breakup of Agrarianism as a movement; a deepening interest in the theology and in the true nature of the liberal education; the full flowering of the Southern Literary Renascence and of a body of criticism which accounted for it. It also includes: the fresh spate of political attacks on the Southern "regime" after World War II, and the appearance of (along with his personal involvement in) a nationwide network of intellectuals on the Right.