This republication of Roscoe Pound's Social Control through Law will no doubt be enthusiastically greeted by a new generation of jurists, legal theorists, and sociologists. In Social Control through Law we find Pound as a jurist, philosopher, and scientist. This chapter outlines the principal aspects of Roscoe Pound's legal philosophy, as it was conveyed in several books, articles, and addresses, and shows their relation to Social Control through Law. The upshot of Ross's influence is that the notion of social control provided Pound's jurisprudence with a sociological starting point. The idea of law as an instrument of engineering and social control at all levels of government is an integral part of Pound's sociological jurisprudence. Social Control through Law is a remarkable book in manner and style. One contemporary aspect of Social Control through Law is aptly demonstrated by our postmodern society and its skyrocketing rate of litigation.