This chapter briefly describes an attempt to modify the multiple behavior deficits and surpluses of psychotic children, using a group behavior therapy approach in which the social environment is carefully programmed. It focuses on the acquisition of adaptive behavior. The chapter attempts to decrease maladaptive behavior and included reciprocal inhibition, mild physical restraint, partial isolation, removal of positive reinforcers, and extinction trials. A larger monograph describing this program is in preparation. Because behavioral concepts afford parsimonious explanations and straightforward techniques, they can be effectively and inexpensively taught to selected nonprofessionals including parents. Constant active involvement and sharp alertness is required to stimulate and immediately reinforce emerging adaptive behaviors. The constant stimulation was apparently noxious, and by moving away they effected the cessation of noxious stimulation which, presumably, reinforced their moving away. With the children's increased general responsiveness and continued verbal development, social imitation and vicarious reinforcement increased.