Health tourism is an excellent example of the composition of ecosystem services and its promotion by Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) seems crucial, especially in the post-COVID-19 era. In order to strengthen the brand of the destination, one should concentrate on the visual identification of a health tourism destination (HTD) by means of brand design. The purpose of the chapter is to identify DMO activities in building the brand of a tourist destination based on health and safety while taking into account the importance of ecosystem services. To achieve this goal, a two-track methodological approach was adopted. The traditional narrative review was carried out first, followed by case studies. It was found that HTD branding activities are practiced to varying degrees. However, it is clear that a number of aspects of ecosystem services are being used. In particular, this concerns the use of natural resources in the image-building strategy of HTD. Visual identity is an appropriate focus for DMOs. The chapter has strong practical implications, as it addresses the challenges faced by decision-makers in tourism and ecosystem development in times of uncertainty. The analysis is a starting point for further research into ecosystem service development based on the brand image-building model of HTDs in other countries or regions.